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caring for the needs of a few by the generosity of many...

The Mission of Landan's LegOcy


The Mission of Landan’s LegOcy is helping children and their families on their journey through and beyond childhood cancer.  Raising awareness through friendship, fellowship, and fundraising.  Caring for the needs of a few by the generosity of many, to make each day special for all.

Landan's LegOcy is only able to give so generously to such deserving families because of support from YOU!! Click here to learn how you can give one-time or monthly...

Team Landan, we want you to meet some of the brave & couragous families that you are bringing HOPE to, as their children are in the fight of their lives against cancer...

Is your familiy walking through a childhood cancer diagnosis? Maybe there's a family close to you whose child is battling cancer & needs assistance, click above to CONTACT US.

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