Assistance Stories

Our  first request was for an 11 year old boy diagnosed with Germinoma in February of 2013. He is currently undergoing daily radiation therapy for treatment of his cancer. His primary caregiver had requested assistance with rent due to having to quit her job to care for him.  We were able to reduce the financial stress and possibility of losing their home by providing two months rent. 

An 8 month old baby girl was brought to us having been diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma in March of 2013.  She is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment for her cancer.  Her parents had requested assistance with rent and a utility bill.  We were able to provide some financial relief for this family by paying the utility bill and two months rent. 

A 15 year old boy diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in August of 1997 who developed and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in July of 2009 was referred to us.  He has progressive disease and is currently undergoing palliative therapy.  His legal guardian had requested assistance with labor costs to repair the only means of transportation for getting him to and from treatments.  We were able to assist by paying the remaining balance of the repair costs of the vehicle. 

The month of August brought us a 5year old boy diagnosed with a Metastatic Wilm's Tumor in September of 2011.  He has fought bravely for two years, but is currently on hospice care.  His Mother requested assistance with rent, groceries and gas for transportation.  We were able to provide payment for three months rent in order for the mother to have somewhere to come home to.  In addition, we have reserved a spot for a pre-approved Bereavement Application when the need arises. 

Locally, a 5 year old boy diagnosed with B Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January of 2010 came to our attention.  He endured two years of intensive chemotherapy before his first relapse.  He received a bone marrow transplant in the summer of 2012, yet the cancer continued to progress.  He  is currently receiving blood transfusions every two days while fighting this disease.  This request was brought to us by a board member who had received knowledge of the need.  We were able to provide assistance with a utility bill and provide gas cards to lessen the financial burden of the travels for treatment.